Woodpack is a creative studio based in Amsterdam, that creates and provides various solutions for brands and projects. A diverse team, that provides a fresh and pragmatic take on productions and concepts, bringing insights and solutions from different angles.

We take pride in always putting our client and the brand first, by focusing on the end result throughout the process, and making sure we bring out and highlight all the greatest stuff about your brand. We take you through the creative processes, step by step, to make sure the end result is just as on point as you had imagined.

We started our journey 4 years ago with the goal to be a cultural diverse and well-established firm that provides high quality productions for brands, projects, and organisations. Our mission hasn’t changed along the way, but rather grown stronger over the years.

Don’t stop, where others would. Why should we?

In addition to producing creative content, we also find much strength and inspiration in creating impactful concepts that help our clients get their message across to their audience. We operate worldwide and for clients in Paris, New York, London, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam – to name a few. Our diverse team of individual creatives share the same passion and visions, strive for the best results, and are never shy of taking on the risks to help you reach your goal.

For us it all comes down to making memories,
beautiful products and strong brand identities.

Our clients

The team

Chris Wormhoudt

Executive Director / Art Director

Multi-disciplinary art director in Branding, Digital creation and Film. His core focus in his works is to find the true underlying story that can be developed in to a benefitting purpose that translates creations into a branding, commercials and a lot more.

Chris is curious and has a wide range of interests, and pursues creative work that is insight-driven, strongly articulated, and intimately considered. Chris keeps himself challenged and is always in search of new opportunities in his fields of work.

He has worked for companies such as Akzo Nobel, Deli2go, Swatch, Shell, Patta and Municipal of Amsterdam.

Amsterdammer (Jordaan), and heritage in Dutch & Carribean roots.

Timothy Wormhoudt

Director, D.O.P, Partner

Film director and Cinematographer with a focused field for Storytelling and VFX in film.

During his study he learned more about VFX & Cinematography same as design which has a huge impact on his films. Since then he did Cinematography work for several events & festivals and made his way towards storytelling commercials for well-known brands.

Tim matches realistic with unrealistic, and would never take phrase ``It's not possible” in his mouth. He is always searching for a great storyline with subtle VFX and new techniques to accomplish the story for every brand.

Amsterdammer (Jordaan), and heritage in Dutch & Carribean roots.

Orville Yssel

Producer, Senior Creative

Motion designer, artist, consultant, and senior creative, currently working for Woodpack, a creative studio that delivers high-end media. Orville has worked for a diverse range of clients including Wieden and Kennedy, Hectic Electric, Coca Cola, Nike, Porsche, Hendrick’s Gin, Deli2Go and many more.

Next to this, Orville also gives classes in many media disciplines. He has extensive knowledge of the urban demographic aged 15 to 25.

Amsterdammer (Jordaan), and heritage of Surinam roots.

Nick Sotgiu

Motion design, Colour grading

Over the years he has worked on many commercials and feature films
for a number of high-end companies that gained him his
professionalism he has today. A team spirit and whatever he’s cooking up behind his
screen he’s equally awesome in the kitchen.

Haarlem native with Dutch, Italian roots.

Leanne Vink

Junior Director, Editor

Her goal in her profession is to experience different possibilities to create content and use them to produce high-end documentaries and short films.